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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

What to do when a light bulb breaks

Replacing a broken light bulb


How to safely replace a broken light bulb? Read on. (Photo Credits)

A broken light bulb can be very dangerous especially when there are children around. Apart from the risk of electric shocks, broken glass can definitely cause injuries.

The Natural Handyman says the first thing to do is to turn of the light switch that powers the broken light bulb. "First and foremost, make sure the electric power is off.  If you can't determine which circuit the fixture is on, turn off ALL circuits. (2) Put down a tarp to catch any remaining broken glass from the old bulb. (3) Leather gloves are preferred if you have to touch the broken bulb base. (4) Wear eye protection, especially if you are working on an overhead fixture.  A hat might also help keep glass off your head!" Read the rest of the guidelines here.

Safety should always be a priority

The Family Handyman meantime says there might be cases when the light bulb will not budge and so, even more safety precautions should be observed. In fact it even shared a hack used by many electricians when it comes to resolving stubborn bulbs. American Lighting Association

"Often, you can unscrew the base by inserting a pliers and holding the jaws open as you turn. A potato might work too: Round the end of the potato with a knife, jam it into the socket and turn. If neither of those methods work, use a needle-nose pliers to remove the bulb. Firmly grab the bulb's metal base and turn, but avoid damaging the light fixture's metal screw-shell lamp holder."

Check out the rest of the advice here.

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The Spruce also gave advice on how to go about cleaning up broken shards. At the same time, for those who may not be able to remove the broken bulb into their respective light sockets, the website suggested the use of a Broken Bulb Extractor. Master Electrician 

"Broken bulb extractors are available for less than $10 at most hardware and home improvement stores. These tools have a rubber tip to engage the base of the broken bulb and a plastic body with a threaded socket on the back end that allows them to be screwed onto an extension pole – very handy for hard-to-reach bulbs. Use it as it comes out of the package. you push it firmly over the filament support and into the base, and use it to turn the base out of the socket."

Read the rest of the article here.

Removing broken bulbs can be dangerous given the many risks it poses. Being armed with the correct information may help prevent injuries. If in doubt, get in touch with a trusted electrician.

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