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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Modern Ceiling Fans

Function and Design

New ceiling fan installed! #justplumcrazy

Accentuate and Refresh with Modern Ceiling Fans. (Photo Credits)

Ceiling fans are usually used to air a certain part of a home. Modern fans however are installed by electricians not just for its function, but also for the design. for instance featured ultra-modern ceiling fan designs that will definitely become a conversation piece when installed in the living room.

“This fan has the look of a traditional portable box fan but it’s ceiling mounted. It features more powerful air circulation than a standard fan, so it’s great for a space that really needs some extra help when it comes to the cooling off factor. Again, this one would work well on its own or lined up on the ceiling with several units.”

Check this particular fan here.

Clean Lines

Design Milk meantime featured Minimalist fans that will add a minimalist charm to any room. Electrical Association      

“I have a Ball Ceiling Fan in every bedroom in my house, in addition to our family room. I think this is one of the most well-designed, good-looking modern fans on the market. It comes with an optional light, is available in a few different finishes, and it was easy to install (kudos to Mr. Design Milk for installing them all!). So this one is tried, tested and true.”

Take a look at it here.

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Trendir for its part shared photos and features of ceiling fans that are not just hip and modern, but are also definitely a breath of fresh air.

“The Bianca Directional Collection (above and below), from Matthew’s Fan Company, are the perfect fan to fit into those tiny spaces that are so difficult to decorate. They can also be placed directly in front of air vents, to maximize hot or cold air flow. And there’s one more thing – they’re also available in the same crazy metallic colors as the Ar Ruthiane Collection above. Be sure to visit Matthew’s Fan Company website to see all of the available colors.”

Here are the photos.

Ceiling fan installation should be done by a licensed electrician contractor.

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