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Friday, May 27, 2016

Living Room lighting Pegs

Living room lighting ideas

Lachmannsvei 39C - living room/stue

Inspiring Ideas to light up the living room. (Photo Credits) 

The living room is usually the focal point in any home. It is where the family relaxes and converge, it is also where guests are entertained. Electrical Association

Lighting it up is like accentuating parts of the living room that needs to get more attention.

Room Décor Ideas shared some lighting pieces that will give a summery feel to any living room.

You certainly know that the lighting is one of the most important elements in a room design. The lighting system is what will make the room design looks coziest and more elegant. So, Room Decor Ideas search for the best lighting pieces for Summer time. Room Decor Ideas found some exclusive design pieces that can give your living room a new touch of elegance and glamour and also make it looks perfect for summer.”

Check out the lighting pieces here.

Make it Light

Steve Williams Kitchens meantime featured lighting designs that will surely wow guests. Electrician

Living room style with hard wood floor, amazing chandelier, large sectional sofa, television mounted above brick fireplace with white cathedral ceilings against beige colored walls.”

Check out the pegs here.

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The website Architectural Digest meantime underscored the lighting abilities of Floor Lamps in illuminating and accentuating living rooms.

“Whether decorating a living room, bedroom, or bath, stylish floor lamps provide a unique decorative element and a sense of drama. And they’re especially helpful in small spaces with low ceilings; while other furnishings may be squat or low to the ground, a tall floor lamp draws attention to the true height of the space. We surveyed rooms from the Hamptons to New Orleans in the AD archives to find the best examples. Shown: A Candida Höfer photograph surmounts the living room’s custom-made sofa, which is flanked by vintage floor lamps by Gaetano Scolari (left) and Stilnovo; this western Colombia apartment designed and decorated in collaboration with Jean-Louis Deniot.

Watch the slideshow here.

How do you light up your living room?

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