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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Kitchen Lighting Design

Decorative Kitchen Lighting


Lighting has a huge impact in home design. (Photo Credits)

Lighting is a major factor in terms of a home’s interior design.

The website Science Master Mind for instance shared fascinating interior lighting design ideas particularly for the kitchen. Electrical Association

“Interior design lighting is categorized into ambient, accent and task lighting. Ambient lighting is concerned with general lighting of the kitchen. In the morning, natural light from the windows can be considered ambient lighting. You may choose the position and size of the window in the kitchen to ensure beautiful and effective entrance of daylight. However, varying weather conditions do not guarantee the continuity of light entrance as you wish; therefore, use artificial ambient lighting.”

Read the rest of the post here.

Kitchen Lighting

Top Dreamer also gave kitchen lighting tips.  Electrician

“It’s really important to get the perfect level of brightness in the kitchen in order to be able to see what you are doing clearly. The ceiling light are just not enough, so we suggest you to install LED lights which may make your stay in the kitchen a more enjoyable experience. They create a lovely atmosphere and it will be easy for you to make great food and enjoy the meals with your family and friends. The kitchen lighting ideas below are attractive as well as functional.”

Check out the ideas here.

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Worthminer has 17 more kitchen brightening ideas that it shared with its readers.

“Want to make your kitchen more functional and fashionable? Try switching up the lighting concept. Light fixtures are a great way to accessorize the kitchen without taking up valuable space, and the extra lighting (or improved lighting) can make cooking even better”

Check it out here.

Would you consider improving your kitchen lighting design?

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