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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Make housekeeping easier with household robots

What household robots can do

Telepresence Robot

Modern times call for household robots. (Photo Credits)

 Housework can be a tiresome thing to do, for any homeowner. But for those with the extra money to spare, routine and troublesome house chores may just be a thing of the past. Enter household robots that could just make housework a walk in the park!

Laundry for instance piles up regardless if it needs to be washed, sorted, or folded. Apartment Therapy however shared that this house chore may no longer plague weary individuals as clothes-folding robots may just become a reality in 2018. Electrical Association 

“Starting in 2018, you might never have to fold laundry again. Laundroid was at CES this week, showing off garments folded by machine. Using a combination of image recognition and algorithms, it currently takes Laundroid 3-10 minutes to fold an item. Not winning any speed records, but dumping your clothes in a drawer, walking away, and having them appear on the above shelves folded still has its perks. While the refrigerator-sized Laundroid on display was only a model, the Tokyo-based company promised a functioning unit at next year’s show, and that the technology could be worked into Panasonic washers and dryers starting in 2018.”

Checkout the photo here.

Power over clutter

Household robots have also become smarter as shared by Electrician 

“Researchers at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory believe that household robots should take advantage of their mobility and their relatively static environments to make object recognition easier, by imaging objects from multiple perspectives before making judgments about their identity. Matching up the objects depicted in the different images, however, poses its own computational challenges. In a paper appearing in a forthcoming issue of the International Journal of Robotics Research, the MIT researchers show that a system using an off-the-shelf algorithm to aggregate different perspectives can recognize four times as many objects as one that uses a single perspective, while reducing the number of misidentifications.”

Read the rest of the article here.

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And if a robot owner would like his or her robot to know more chores, then Extreme Tech says, he or she could just make it watch a youtube video of the chore. “RoboWatch is taking a different tack, using what’s called unsupervised learning to discover the important steps in YouTube instructional videos without any previous labeling of data. Take for instance a YouTube video on omelet making. Using the RoboWatch method, the computer successfully parsed the video on omelet creation and catalog the important steps without having first been trained with labeled examples.”

See the whole article here.

Do you dream of having your own household robot?

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