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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Safe Use of Extension Cords

How to keep your Extension Cords tidy

20/365 - It's electric!

Keep it safe and tidy. (Photo Credits)

Extension cords are essential whether in the home or the office. But organizing them and keeping them neat can be a pain at times especially if you have to use it every now and then. Electrical Association

Popular Mechanics shared a great way to organize extension cords.

“Long extension cords inevitably tie themselves up into a tangled mess. But with this simple project, use a empty bucket and some PVS pipe to build a home for a long extension cord that keeps it wound up and tangle-free.”

Check out the DIY project instructions here.

More ways

Electrician Tip Hero shared yet another way to keep those extension cords neat,, and the people using it and those around it safer.

“Usually, the problem with long cords like extension cords and outdoor power cords isn’t in the rolling up; it’s in the inevitable trouble you’ll have untangling them when you need to use them again. Luckily, you can avoid this tangled mess by simply using this effective rolling method. It’s called the over & under method, and we can tell it’s going to save us a whole lot of time and make for a lot less struggling.”

Watch the instructional video here.

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Just to demonstrate how unsightly unorganized extension cords are, check out this article written by The Onion. “Emphasizing the allure and appeal of the 30-foot length of electrical power cable that shared the stage with the former Florida governor, sources confirmed that an orange three-pronged extension cord completely stole the spotlight from Jeb Bush during a New Hampshire campaign rally Friday.”

Read the rest of the article here.

So how do you organize extension cords in your home?

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