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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Safety in Mobile Phone Charging

The dangers of unattended cellphone charging

Charging Duane's phone with FIRE

Do not leave your charging phone unattended. (Photo Credits)

When it comes to mobile phone charging, cellphone owners must always choose to be on the safe side, because after all, connecting any device to electricity is no joke.

The British website Mirror reported about a family who lost five of its members after their house got burned down following unattended mobile phone charging. Electrical Association 

“The house fire in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, was sparked by a phone charger plug in April last year, which ignited shortly after the family went to bed. Fire officers described the blaze as “ferocious” and the “most difficult” they worked in with temperatures ‘in excess of 1,000 degrees celcius,’ adding it was the biggest loss of life in a fatal fire for six years.”

Read the whole news report here.

Repair the fray

Apart from making sure your chargers are in good condition prior to using it, it would be best for you and your budget to make sure that your charger remains in tip top condition with no frayed cables and all.

Good Housekeeping shared a way to save chargers that may have damaged wires. Electrician  

“As anyone who owns a cell phone (read: everyone) knows, the only thing worse than seeing the ‘10% of battery remaining’ sign pop-up is running to find your charger, only to discover it’s fraying beyond repair. But before you toss that almost-broken cable in the trash, know that there is hope. And you don’t need to pick up a new charger to find it. All you need to do is grab some pens or embroidery floss, watch the video… and a full, green battery icon could soon be yours.”

Watch the video instructional here.

Related Electrical Repair Services meanwhile shared a tip on Emergency phone charging.

“As shown in the clip, a quick and easy charger requires you to have a small list of items that includes a car charger, a piece of metal (a key is used in the video), and a 9-volt battery. As the video explains, the charger can be made simply by taping the key to the side metal piece of the car charger, placing the end of the key into the negative female terminal of the battery and pressing the metal end of the car charger onto the positive male terminal.”

Watch the video clip here.

What do you do when your charger is not working?

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