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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Lighting and Mood Setting

The Many Ways Lighting Accentuate Homes


What lighting can do. (Photo Credits)

Lighting sets the mood in almost ever situation. You know it is a horror movie when the movie starts on a scene on a dimly lighted location.

When we see a lot of natural light flooding into a home, we immediately feel happiness, warmth. And positivity. Christmas lights brings us so much joy. And of course, how would you envision New York without all the lights???

Well, same goes for houses, hence the many lighting ideas and suggestions scattered all over cyberspace.

Gardening website for instance shared 15 Backyard lighting ideas for every home.

“When summer time rolls around and we find ourselves outside more often, it’s nice to have outside lighting that perfect matches the mood. No need for glaring flood lights or plain boring light bulbs; here are 15 lighting ideas that you can do yourself to create the most unique backyard possible!”

Check out the photos of the lighted backyards here.

Vintage Lighting is in.

Better Homes and Gardens meantime shared vintage lighting ideas that help accentuate any home. Electrical Contractors

“When it comes to designing a space, lighting is one of those essential details that should never be overlooked. I have a bit of a fascination with this design element. A year ago while browsing my favorite shop on Long Island I found this beautiful rewired vintage schoolhouse pendant. I had no idea where I would put it, as we already had all of our permanent lighting in place but I just knew it would be perfect somewhere. My family room was always in need of more illumination so I hung it over our desk area & wouldn’t you know it, that it is the first thing people see & ask about as they walk in. A great light fixture can set a mood, create conversation and give that aesthetic you are looking for. Repurposing something old and worn into lighting is an affordable way to express your signature style & achieve a custom look in your home.”

Check out the photos of the lovely homes here.  Build Safe

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Lighting can of course make an event even more special.

Pop Culture community shared a wedding photo with the ultimate form of lighting – fireworks!

“The Traditional Lighting of the Nuptial Sacrifice Pyre.”

Check out the wedding photo here.

So how do you use lighting in your own home?

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