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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Future Of Street Lights

How will a Lamp Post look like 10-20 years from now?

It is everywhere but it does not get noticed until it does not work. This is the sad story of Lamp Posts. One does not get to notice its existence until it ceases to exist or until the lightbulb inside gets busted. LightningElectrician San Diego

Lightning El Cajon Electrician. While it is an ordinary part of any city, lamp posts continue to evolve. And if you do a research on the future of the lowly lamp post also known as streetlights, you will most likely be amazed. Lightning Chula Vista Electrician

For instance, reported that Chicago is getting streetlights that double up as people counters and pollution trackers “They’ll collect environmental data like air quality, noise levels and wind, and they’ll also measure foot traffic by counting the number of passing cellphones. If the project takes off, Chicago officials could easily tell if air pollution is on the rise, or if a narrow sidewalk is creating a choke point.” Lakeside Electrician Service. Read more here.

The British Broadcasting Company on the other hand relates that In Glasgow, Scotland, they are looking at replacing all their lamp posts with LED light to save up on electricity consumption, they are also looking at automating it. “Glasgow wants to go further and has programmed them to increase in brightness if noise levels rise – for example if there is a disturbance in the area.” Read more here. Lightning Electrician National City

According to, American Mobile telecommunications giant Verizon meanwhile is setting its sights on coming up with streetlights that talk. Electrician. “Intellistreets are wirelessly connected lamp posts that can create visual, audio and interactive cues for commuters. Digital screens can be affixed to the motion-sensor light fixtures to showcase ads or direct traffic.” Read more information about Intellistreets here. Electrical Association

But traditional lamp posts may still serve its purpose. Like in this video that we will be leaving with you. Watch the video of the dancing streetlights here.

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